For Individual Photographers, Companies, and NPO's

As your imaging/photography consultant I can show and teach you about ...

On-site imaging (Small Businesses)

using 'your' camera for/in your specialist area 

Help set up a product/portrait studio 

Guide you on photographing interiors correctly, precisely and quickly 

Show you how to produce product and catalogue photography in house

How to shoot it 'right' the first time 

Show you how to have access to a catalogue, of amazing images!

Wether, it's discussing what camera to buy for YOUR business (this could save you more than you think), or finding your feet in a niche of photography you would like to explore more. ie Wedding Photography. 

Then I can advise you on all your concerns. 

If you're interested in having me consult with you on a project, or if you want to know how I can help your company or organisation, please contact me 07825 542542

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