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What is the Edible Image?

The Edible Image is about the love of food - my love of food, which began at an early age. I have always struggled with food cravings, and apparently only ate chocolate mousse & dairy products up to the age of three! At six years, I was finally diagnosed with several allergies, food intolerances, so I became the child with weird food in her lunch box. That was until I began secondary school, when I was able to eat whatever I wanted just like everyone else!

When I was 17 years old, I found myself training in catering management - keeping up my family tradition, my grandfather had been a Head Chef, my Grandmother a cook & housekeeper and my mother a catering hostess. This past 20 years of eating 'everything' I craved as a child, had subjected my body to things it just could not deal with, which in time, gradually caused me to develop skin and digestive problems.

A change in diet was the answer... & finding a more balanced relationship with food and my life. This led me to begin taking photographs of food, as they say in the photography business ‘shoot what you know', so I did. This helped me to see food differently.

In March 2014 my somewhat, delayed new year’s resolution, was to change my relationship with food. It led me to discover my new joy in life. I began to document the process of food from ‘production to plate’ through ‘The Edible Image'.

I find it completely thrilling to visit busy farmers markets, artisan bakeries, restaurants, food tasting stalls etc recording these edible images, & my new food perspective has given me a new appetite for life. Since May 2015 I took it one step further & created  ‘The Edible Image'.


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